Saturday, 17 May 2008

Inanimate objects are sentient?

OK so i bought a brand spanking new speaker system(Creative Labs 7.1 setup) for my computer and after a couple of weeks it started to act up. so i got in touch with customer support and after a few e-mails they agreed it was faulty and told me i was entitled to a replacement. At this point it began working perfectly and continued to work fine until the very day i got the mail saying the replacement was on its way, when it ceased completely. It was almost surreal, but thats not the end of my speaker woes, it was supposed to arrive today but the driver was lazy and reported that there had been no one home to accept delivery, Hmm seeing as i had been waiting all day and that no card had been shoved thro my door i got straight on the phone, its amazing how the driver changed his story claiming he couldnt find my house or contact me by phone. He will get it when he comes to deliver it tomorrow and im pretty sure he got it at the depot, the lady on the phone didnt sound happy with him :) ahhhh power mad me wins again

anyway, rant over

be cool

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